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SportVelo is committed to your successes, whether you are an elite cyclist or a local triathlete. Combining the latest technology with time-proven traditions, SportVelo offers professional coaching and bike fitting to help you meet your goals as an athlete.

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Giveyour bike a bath!
Time to Retül!
- Fast racing needs a fast position. Dialing in your TT or road bike is art as much as science.  Get the latest bike fit on SportVelo’s Retül system. Bike fitting is an art and we know it.  Learn more and get your bike fit scheduled now
Triathletes: perfect your transition! Cyclesoles- SportVelo is now offering custom soles to improve your pedaling and power output.  Combined with a proper bike fit, improved contact points with the bike will help take you to the next level. Check out Coach Dan’s latest discovery and contact him for more information
Write a ride or race report! Meet Your Coach! Coach Dan has been in the cycling industry for over 30 years.  After starting his racing career as a teen Dan Smith wrenched at the Paris Roubaix, helped build RockShox and then dedicated his life to coaching elite athletes.  Learn more about Dan’s experience and approach.
SportVelo News! SportVelo Store - Looking for a cool kit or some gear? Look no further, the SportVelo Store is here! SportVelo kits, socks, hats, and everything else you need for your bike and triathlon racing needs.