How to Pack Your Bike for Travel

Going on a trip? Need to know a safe way to pack and bring your bike along? Read below. It’s easier than you think!

To install your bike in your bike bag:

  1. Remove the pedals with a 15mm pedal wrench. (Right pedal—standard threads—counter-clockwise. Left pedal—reverse threads—clockwise.)
  2. Remove both wheels.
  3. Install bike frame set into Bike Pro Bag. Use the fork mount, then the bb mount.
  4. Mark the seat post height with a permanent marker or electrical tape, and remove the seat post and saddle with a 5mm allen wrench.
  5. Install foam insulation on bike frame and left fork leg.
  6. Remove front brake cable from front caliper with a 5mm allen wrench.
  7. If you have a threaded steerer and a quill stem, mark the stem height with a permanent marker or electrical tape. Loosen the stem with a 6mm allen wrench and punch. Remove stem and handlebar assembly.
  8. If you have a threadless steerer and stem (Aheadset style), loosen the stem binder bolt(s) with a 5mm allen wrench and then loosen the top cap with the same allen wrench. Remove the top cap and the bolt (don’t lose them!). Slide the stem and any spacers off the steerer. Replace the spacers and reinstall the top cap.
  9. Reinstall cable mounting bolt into caliper.
  10. Turn stem and handlebar assembly counterclockwise and rotate forward 90 ° and clamp onto top tube, on either side of stem, with toe straps. Make sure to place the stem and handlebar assembly against the foam insulation.
  11. Remove skewers from wheels.
  12. Place wheels in bags.
  13. Place pedals, skewers, seat assembly, pedal wrench, allen wrenches, grease, lube, and spare parts in small bag.
  14. Place wheel bags on either side of frame. Place parts bag under chainstays. Place all soft items (cycling clothes, and so on) into bike bag.
  15. Zip up the bag, and you are finished!

To assemble the bike:

  1. Follow the steps in reverse order.
  2. Make sure to grease the seat post, handlebar stem, and pedal threads before installation.

Have a great trip!

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