June 2007 News

We are deep into the racing season, so we were busy racing instead of publishing this announcement. We apologize!

Nevertheless, SportVelo wants to thank the participants, guest speakers, and the sponsors for the SportVelo Contre-la-Montre TT camp. Congratulations to the Beat the Clock TT camp winners, Brian and Tracy, who walked away with Beljum Budder for their fine efforts over the Canada Road TT course, with a 23:27 and 27:21, respectively. See Ken’s photos of the Beat the Clock race.

Thanks also to the Bicycle Outfitter, who provided technical support during Friday’s fittings and gift certificates for all participants, and PowerBar, who provided nutrition for the entire camp.

And of course we appreciate all the hard work from our guest speakers who ran workshops for the camp:

  • MaryAnn Levenson, for nutrition
  • Al Painter, for core strength
  • Angie Weinberger, for flexibility

Highlights of the camp included:

  • MaryAnn racing her first comeback race after being hit by a truck in December
  • Wonderful weather (not sure whether we can repeat this next year!)
  • Lots of food
  • Post-race massages
  • Learning what to eat and what not to eat before a race
  • Learning core exercises and stretches to help keep you strong
  • TT bike fittings, with JD from the Outfitter and Coach Dan
  • TT strategy
  • Pre-race course assessment

We do have plans to host another TT camp next year! Additionally, we are also planning the Midsummer Endurance Camp, another endurance camp this summer for the race lull over the summer July 6, 7, and 8.

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