August 2007 News

August 2007 NewsWe are midway through the summer racing season! Most of us have key races over the next month or so. Although you may be tempted to do more while we have so much summer daylight, be careful not to overdo it. Get plenty of rest.

know I sound like a broken record, but if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. Don’t forget that you still have a couple months (more if you do cyclocross or cross country!). The Calcup starts August 11 and ends with the Giro di San Francisco on Labor Day.

New Software

We’re staying up-to-date with the latest release of Training Peaks. If you use WKO+ to download your power meter or your GPS device, you should get the latest upgrade (Build 69), which has several fixes for features such as uploading to TrainingPeaks. This build is a free upgrade and we encourage you to download it now and install it “over the top” of your existing version.

Midsummer Training Camp

Thanks for helping make this camp a success! The camp covered 225 miles and 21,000ft of climbing in three days. These miles helped us re-establish our endurance for the midsummer races, in particular the longer road races at the end of the season. As with all training camps, you should see a bump in fitness right about now, 10-14 days after the camp. A big thanks to Jill, Jim, and Karin for all their help and to Mark, Diane, and Marta for the post-ride recovery massages. And, of course, congrats to the winners of the pin-the-needle-on-the-doper game!


Think you don’t have to worry about cyclocross until winter? Nope — now is a great time to build strength and endurance. And XC races start sooner than you think. Target the end of September for your first races.




Cross Country Running

XC running is a cold weather sport, right? Wrong — races start early in September in Santa Cruz. See the 2007 schedule for some fun, short running race near you.

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