April/May 2007 News

April showers, May flowers and a chock full of races on the calendar! What better way to spend your spring weekends is there? April and May Races you Can't Miss Right now, ... Read more..

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March 2007 News

Road racing is here! March is packed with road racing classics such as, the Merco Credit Union Crit and RR, the Pinole TTT and the Ronde Van Brisbeen. Meanwhile, triathlets ... Read more..

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February 2007 News

February is a busy month, but the biggest news this month is the SportVelo training camp, which is more popular than ever! We limit the number of riders to keep ... Read more..

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January 2007 News

Training Camp is just around the corner! Make sure you check out the info below on it and email us with any questions! MaryAnn A couple days before Christmas, MaryAnn Levenson, a ... Read more..

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December 2006 News

December is the time to think about new equipment and equipment upgrades. 'Tis the season to get your wish list ready now! Holiday Wish LIst Now is the best time to think ... Read more..

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November 2006 News

November is the time to focus on strength training.You'll want good stablization, a strong middle and good flexiblity to enter your next training season. Read on! Strength Training November is the time ... Read more..

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October 2006 News

If you thought that all your work is finished at least until December, think again! October is the time to finish your ultimate test for the 2006 race season, transition ... Read more..

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September 2006 News

For most of us, our race season is winding down. Maybe you've reached those lofty goals you set in January, or maybe you had setbacks. Either way, fall gives you ... Read more..

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