The tools, experience, and structure providing individualized and specific training to maximize your performance in competition.

Coaching Programs

SportVelo offers three levels of coaching: Premium, Elite, and Professional. The difference between coaching levels is the amount of communication available, feedback, evaluation and analysis of training and racing from your coach. For a consultation click the Sign Up button below

All levels of coaching offer individualized, detailed training, customized for each athlete. SportVelo analyzes training and races, and discusses race strategy, tactics, and mental preparation with each athlete. As a SportVelo athlete, you will be part of an exciting endurance athlete community and be involved with new clinics, workshops, workouts, training camps, information on new equipment, technology, and training techniques and science.

SportVelo Coaching Programs provide the following:
• Personal coaching provided by Coach Dan
• Detailed individualized training plans, monitoring of training logs, and communication through web based program TrainingPeaks
• E-mail and phone communications
• Access to weekly and seasonal group training sessions (endurance rides, velodrome sessions, running track workout, strength training workouts for example)
• Access to monthly Workshops and Clinics
• Establishment of training zones with evaluation of threshold field test (all sports)
• Detailed monitoring, evaluation, and analysis of cycling power files from training and competition *
• Priority in attending SportVelo Training Camps (1-2 per season)
• Race strategy and tactical development
• Evaluation and assessment of functional strength and flexibility
• Consultations on equipment, components, and supplies
• Analysis of past training and racing
• Analysis of training progress and race results
• Access to Registered Dietitian for individualized sports nutrition
• Access to Certified Massage Therapists for sports massage
• Access to Licensed Psychotherapist for additional sports psychology requirements
• Materials: training, news, updates, and nutrition information

* Power meter required

Getting Started

Coaching with SportVelo begins with a comprehensive athlete interview with the coach to discuss training and racing history and experience, specific training and physiological issues, goals, and coach/athlete relationship. Once completed, the athlete is evaluated in their chosen sport, a functional assessment, plus baseline skills analysis for cycling, running and/or swimming is established. This thorough introduction, mandatory for all SportVelo athletes, jump-starts your individualized coaching program. As a SportVelo athlete your training initial schedule is created shortly after you complete the introduction package (interview, sport assessment, field tests).

Monitoring your efforts

You might have heard, “On a scale from 1-10, how hard are you working out?” This relative scale of perceived exertion is the simplest way to measure the difficulty of your workouts. However, a 7 one day may or may not be equivalent to a 7 the next day. Rating your perceived exertion consistently is an acquired and important skill.
Heart rate monitors have been around for over 20+ years, and are now a mainstream way to measure exertion, because they assign a quantitative number to the effort. However, several factors affect heart rate, such as dehydration, fatigue, and energy levels (the bonk). Although it is a relatively stable number within a range of parameters, the same effort on a different day might require a higher or lower heart rate. Even though we can assign heart rate ranges to your training zones, when you are at or above functional threshold (all race pace intensities), heart rate is not the best tool for measuring intensity.

For all endurance athletes, pace measures your training intensity and can track your progress. You do need to take into account the terrain, for example, a hilly run is slower than a flat run, but an accomplished runner knows his minute/mile pace, a swimmer knows her 100m pace, and a cyclist understands mph.

For cyclists, power meters have become the gold standard for training. Power meters provide a quantitative number unaffected by outside factors, and we can set training zones and track progress accurately. The big drawback to the power meters is price.